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…after that accident in 2015, slowly my health deteriorated, in terms of fitness, stamina and of course my lower back condition. As per my ortho, the only way to get rid of the lower back problem is going for a surgery. I strictly said NO, because I was aware of its terrible side effects. I started on a chiro treatment, but had to stop since my doctor was from France and she had to go back to her country. I was fed up of the recurring pain, low energy and my depressing mindset. Finally, this January I met the wonderful Luvena Una Rangel, who completely changed my way of looking at my condition, and the way of life. A person, like me, who was completely scared of bending forward and doing any kind of exercise thinking what if it hurts the lumber disc again, not only started doing the Yoga but also learnt to manage the pain and the condition. I made a remarkable progress in just 4 classes with Luvena…

~ Promita Bhowmick

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