About The Curvy Yogi


The Curvy Yogi is an initiative with a vision to go beyond stereotypes surrounding yoga and, more importantly, to break ignorant myths regarding wellness and fitness. It is an open, humble, yet steadfast and grounded invitation for practitioners of all levels, and all body types and limitations to include wellness in their lifestyle through yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, holistic protocols and other mind-body techniques.

The Curvy Yogi is a social impact conversation with the society and the fitness industry concerning body image. As a Community Partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, Luvena Rangel, founder of The Curvy Yogi, in an active proponent of inclusive yoga and coaches her students and teachers in training to engage in positive, inclusive, safe and balanced classes keeping the needs of the practitioners and reinforcing body image acceptance – the way we are. She believes that it is high time to have the tools and resources within the fitness industry to cater toward this group of individuals seeking to reach their health and fitness goals.

About The Curvy Yogi Programs:
The Curvy Yogi programs, workshops and seminars are offered for individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and orientation because we all come in different packages, but especially are a space for curvy bodies with the required focus to making the practice both accessible and wholesome. This is a space where the beauty and peace of yoga is offered to everyone and each individual is invited to evolve into the best version possible of themselves.

These programs include yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions, psychosomatic reconditioning, as well as life coaching & counselling. The various protocols from Luvena’s educational, professional and personal experience form a structural backbone of the unique programs that are customized and offered for every client – practitioner as well as teacher.

The Curvy Yogi is a space to take charge of your health & wellness and practice yoga comfortably with no inhibitions, shame of fear. Here you will learn techniques to strengthen your mind, body, emotions and spirit. You will not only learn tools that will build and enhance your yoga practice, but also soak in values and teachings that you will take away from the mat and into your daily lives.

The Curvy Yogi believes that everyone has a right and opportunity to take charge of their well-being and is a welcoming space to nurture practitioners of all abilities in the wisdom of yoga and promoting body acceptance and positivity!

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