I Evolve. Yoga Evolves.

The past few months have been deeply reflective.

I’ve changed.In more ways that I even imagined.. because I didn’t really expect or plan for those changes.

Yet, I changed.

One thing remained constant, but in it’s constancy, it deepened.

My yoga.

Not asana – no, there have been days (leading to weeks, sometimes) when I couldn’t get moving on the outside, but there was a lot moving on the inside.

Do I make sense? I’m guessing to some of you I do make sense.

Truth is, I changed.

And through me, my yoga, or, my experience of yoga changed.

What is yoga if not to change us?

To break us and to re-create us?

What is yoga if it doesn’t crush us to powder only to lovingly mould us again to a better form that before?

What is my yoga if I were to still hold on to old ideas, thoughts and battles?What is my yoga when I seek liberation but constantly trap myself painful mis-truths?
When we are in the battle of righteousness, we need all our tools – mental, emotional, spiritual to get us through.

But once we are at pause, what good is it to hold on to those tools?

A boat is necessary until one gets to the other side of the river, but when a man once crosses the stream, the boat is no longer necessary for his purpose.

Uttara Gita 1.18

How long will be keep scratching open our wounds?I don’t know… it gets tiring, doesn’t it?

I’m different now.

I’ve evolved, I guess… whichever direction I have stepped up or down or side ways.

It is movement.

It is progress.

I have evolved.

And through me, yoga had evolved.

It is intimate,

it is personal.

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