Day 11: My Yoga – My Ethics – My Actions

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There were 2 prompts to today’s challenge truth.

Where have you forgotten what yoga is? Where are you remembering who you are with your ethics and action?

As I pondered over them, I was a bit flustered as I tried to understand where I had forgotten what yoga is. It is an uncomfortable question for a yoga teacher to really reflect upon. So I sat with it. The second question was easier to answer when you thought about it. To sit with it and see how it sat within you and what surfaced…? Different story.

So I sat with these questions knowing that somehow an answer would emerge.

By mid-morning, a friend connected me to an argument on social media about body diversity and body acceptance. I knew what I had to say, I knew what I was being called to do.

But I paused as I questioned myself, “Is this a battle to pick? Is it worth it?”

Every cell in my body knew that I had to bring a voice of reason from the pavilion, so I took another pause to consider what I actually wanted to say. I trusted my tact as well as my ability to diplomatically be able to put some ‘diversity & inclusion’ thought into that discussion.

Where have you forgotten what yoga is? Where are you remembering who you are with your ethics and action?

I think I have come to that point in life where my yoga practice is starting to show up as shades of my personality and who I really am, and not necessarily talking about my asana. Still evolving, of course, but grounded in that strength and knowing. I often forget that I have the backing of this wisdom that allows me to stand, but slowly, I remember that too. The power of that wisdom and the grounding in those values is that strong – I sense it now. But I recognize that I have to remind myself often.

To be steadfast with that moral compass of doing what is ethical and with integrity… that is yoga. Not an easy path… uh-huh… but worth the effort… and definitely worth the impact.


This blog is a part of a very unique yoga challenge led by my dear friend and fellow yogi, Susanna Barkataki – the Dare to Discuss Yoga Challenge. Both of us feel quite deeply about cultural appropriation and bring an authentic purpose to shine through constructive discussion, dialogue and education to make people (yogis & non-yogis) aware – to ‘lessen the appropriation and up the honor’, in Susanna’s words. In support of the challenge and the work, I shall be blogging my introspection and reflection here to share the conversation and build the cumulative effect.


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